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It’s summer time soon! I just got back from a short vacation last weekend but I had so much fun. I went to Marinduque to visit my grandmother and throw a small birthday party for her. Some of our relatives who live there also came with their children. I did prepared some foods and decorations and hopefully it will be posted here this coming weekend. (Sorry I am currently dealing with too much work but I promise you that there will more upcoming posts!)

Since I mentioned summer time, I am happy to announce that I will be spending my summer vacation to my favorite island here in the Philippines and luckily, sent something for me to use for that trip. This is my second collaboration with them and they never fail to make me happy. You can check out for our first collaboration. I feel so lucky to get contacted by them because some people from Instagram asked me on how I collaborated with ToSave. I know that’s TMI so let’s talk about the things that I got from them.
First, I felt so curious about this thing called silisponge so I felt happy when I found out that they have this on their website. With no hesitations, I picked one and it’s not a plain silisponge because it has some cute pink flower patterns on it.
Next, I got a pink wallet and I will be using it to keep some of my money, cards and IDs. It looks so cute and small so it will be nice to carry inside my sling bag wherever I go.
I also got a white floral cardigan and I will be wearing it on the beach soon! Don’t worry I will take photos for you so that you can see it.
Last but not the least is the round beach towel. I have been wanting to own one of this cute towels because it is perfect and cute for the beach. Aside from it, I can take a lot of instagrammable photos with it. I can’t wait!
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