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April is fast approaching and we’re currently preparing for something exciting! Before we enjoy the summer heat, let’s talk about birthdays, events and special occasions. This week, I’ll be at my grandmother’s place and I’ll be doing some small photo shoots for my nieces who are going to have their 16th birthday soon. Aside from that, my grandma is going to have her 86th birthday celebration and I will be the one to prepare the decorations. I like throwing family parties because it’s the best time to catch up with my relatives whom I barely see because I work in a different city. So now let’s go on about the photo shoot that I am talking about.

Photo shoots can be a hassle because as we all know, we have to put on some effort for the photos to look amazing. I am no professional photographer but I am now into taking different photos of my travels and fashion. I was looking for cute and fashionable dresses and I was lucky to find if you’re not familiar about this online store, you can visit their website and be ready to see a lot of beautiful dresses that might be perfect for your next event and celebrations. I like the name of this online store because it reminds me of France and every girl’s favorite fashion destination. I pick this cute purple dress because most of my nieces like purple color. It has intricate and sweet designs and I can’t wait to show it to them. If you’re wondering where I found this on their website, you can check out robes de bal courte pas cher 2017 to find more interesting pieces.
Just in case you want to look for prom dresses and wedding dresses, it is the best online store to check if you prefer something cute, fashionable and affordable!


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