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Hello amazing people of the world, the universe rather! Alright, so work was killing me so much during the previous week and blogging was just set aside. I am trying to figure out how to post consistently but due to my financial needs, I need to prioritize my job. Don’t say bad things against me or judge me about it because I am just a poor woman who’s struggling to live independently. (Haha, nagdrama!)

So last Monday, my best crazy friend Martin asked me to go to Makati for some personal business matters so even though I was kind of hesitant because of my work schedules, I said yes, okay. (Kung ililibre nya ako why not hahaha!) After the personal business, we went to a mall to have our lunch and meet my two favorite blogger friends. Well, I don’t treat them as blogger friends because I feel like they’re my sister from another mother. I have already met them last year but we didn’t had enough bonding because it was just a quick meet-up. Even though the second time was just a quick chit-chat, I had fun and always excited to make chika with them whenever I visit Makati. I live in the mountains kase. Haha! If you guys notice, I write some Tagalog words here. Yes, because this blog is my personal blog that also turns into a business. Sometimes, (Kapag may sponsored posts lol!)
Bhelle has a Youtube channel and if you want to check it out you are almost welcome. On her blog, you can also see Neg because they are sisters and live in the same place. Their vlogs are fun to watch with because they go shopping, do hauls and clothing try-on. 
It was just an hour of chit-chat but I had fun. Thank you guys! ‘Til next time. 


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