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When was the last time I posted about
weddings and dresses? If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you already
know that I am a big fan of weddings, wedding dresses,
and bridesmaid dresses. Although I haven’t had it, I feel like I am a little
expert when it comes to choosing colors, themes,
and designs of wedding dresses. Maybe one of the reasons why I am familiar with
wedding dresses is just I worked for a company which offers services like
photography and everything about wedding needs. If you’re planning to get
married soon and you’re looking for bridesmaid dresses, sit back and relax
because I am so happy to share you some of my favorites that you will surely

I have two favorite kinds of dresses
for bridesmaid and the first one is the lace bridesmaid dresses. If you’re into
romantic details, traditional yet formal kind of wedding and you want to show
your sweet and charming creativity for your wedding, pick the lace bridesmaid
dresses. Laces are perfect and you can’t call it a wedding if you’re not going
to see something with lace.
Here are my top picks.

For an instant glamor, I picked
these dresses because the top details are made perfectly from lace. As you can
see the back details, it looks romantic, sexy yet sweet. This color is also on
my top pick for the best bridesmaid dresses.
The texture of these dresses is
soft and flowy which can provide comfort
while your bridesmaids are dancing and having fun on your wedding day while
keeping them look stylishly chic. Who wouldn’t want to dance on weddings
anyway? You can also go for chiffon dresses.
If you can’t decide the color, you can get some bridesmaid dresses in
one design but in different shades. I like pastels and these are just too nice!
Laces and pastels are created perfectly to provide that amazing details for any
type of wedding dresses.
My second favorite is the short bridesmaid dresses. Just in case you
plan to have a garden or rustic themed wedding, short bridesmaid dresses is a
great choice! You can add a little fun and oozing effect to your wedding by
choosing your favorite color for your bridesmaids’ dresses.
It can be in different types like laces, tulle and made from soft
fabric. I like how women look chic and sweet in the short wedding dresses.
Although we always see long wedding dresses in weddings but you wanted to see
your favorite women wear something short and sweet, then you can choose freely.
Both are nice and specially made for
weddings so there’s no right or wrong about it. Bridesmaid dresses can also be
customized so your plus size bridesmaids can have plus size bridesmaid dresses.
One more thing about short bridesmaid dresses is
that after the wedding, your bridesmaids can also wear it for other events. It
can be special occasion dresses too!
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