5 Ways to transition your skincare routine into spring

It’s no secret that winter is harsh on
your skin – the wind, snow, and cold can really make it dry and dull,
especially with the low humidity which is unavoidable during winter. That’s why
many women feel relieved when the spring comes, but this transitional period
can be equally hard on your skin. Just imagine what a shock your skin
experiences when suddenly faced with the warm weather and sun.
However, there are a few things you
can do to make this spring transition smooth.

Go lighter

Low humidity during winter leads to dry skin and that’s
why every skincare expert would suggest going heavy on moisturizer during the
cold months. Spring, however, is the season that brings a lot of humidity to the
air, so your skin will be fine with something lighter once the warm weather
Consider hyaluronic acid or
water-based formulas since your skin is more likely to hold water when it’s
warm and doesn’t need that much protection. Keep your emollient light and get
ready to welcome the spring days.

Don’t forget to exfoliate

Regardless of your skin condition,
exfoliating is a must. This is especially true for dry skin since that’s the
best way to shed off dead skin and let your natural glow come to the light. You
should be gentle, though, and leave harsh scrubs for some time later.
Formulas that contain some amount of
glycolic acid are considered to be the best choice. Also, consider using masks packed with antioxidants to delay skin
aging and give your skin that healthy glow.

Do a spring cleaning

You’ve probably heard about the
concept of spring cleaning your home or your wardrobe but did you know that it
can be applied to your skincare, too? Spring cleaning of your face refers to
deep cleaning of clogged pores and getting rid of product build-up on your

In addition, you should do a spring
cleaning of your skincare arsenal – throw away any products that are past their
expiration date, wash your makeup brushes, and rethink your skincare choices – switching to
organic skincare
might be the best way to help your skin and give it
a fresh, healthy, and all-natural start this spring.

Brighten up your complexion

The best way to combat winter dullness
of your skin is to opt for products that will both protect and brighten your
complexion. Since spring means a lot of sun, you should go for products that
are packed with vitamin C because it’s good at breaking down discolorations and
preventing future brown spots, as well as for keeping your skin fresh and
For night time, retinol-based creams are irreplaceable since
these provide the best way to fight various skin problems, such as acne,
wrinkles, and premature signs of aging.

Increase your everyday SPF

We hope you have been using products with at least SPF 30 during winter
months because UV radiation can damage your skin even when it’s freezing
outside. For spring, on the other hand, you’ll need something stronger, like SPF 50.
Skincare and makeup experts claim it’s
not enough to go for a multipurpose product, such as moisturizer with SPF – a
proper sunscreen should be a part of your everyday makeup routine. As for the
reapplying, experts suggest two to three times a day is more than enough
(unless you’re constantly sweating or rubbing your face with your hands).
Just like every change, winter to
spring beauty routine transition can be hard if you’re not prepared for it. So,
make sure you have all the tools in your skincare arsenal and then you can just
sit and wait for the spring sun to come and fill you up with energy.
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