Marinduque: A&B Coral Resort Review

Hello everyone! I know this post is kind of a two weeks late but, I guess it’s better late than never! This is also all about staying in a hotel alone for the first time. Have you done such thing before? I am talking to those people who are not yet having the courage to travel alone and get out of their comfort zone to explore the beauty of the Philippines.
Last second week of December, I have decided to go back to my hometown and spend the holidays with my relatives there. If you don’t know yet, I was born in Marinduque but I have to move in the other city to finish my studies and find a job. I am currently working online and above else, I need the internet to do my tasks. Marinduque is a small Island consisting of six major towns namely Boac, Buenavista, Gasan, Torrijos, Sta.Cruz and Mogpog. My grandmother is living in the mountain part of Boac and my biggest problem is the internet connection.
The lines and internet receptions there is really bad. I do have my pocket wifi but the signal there is very weak that I can’t even check my social media accounts and email. So the last thing in my mind was to stay at Boac, town proper because the internet reception there is fine. The only problem was, I do not know someone there.
All my relatives are living in the deepest part of Boac so I made my mind and decided that I am going to look for a hotel with free wifi. I just searched in the internet and luckily, I found A&B Coral Resort. It was just a newly established hotel and resort owned by Nanay Amelia and her Canadian husband. The place was so peaceful yet lively. She lives in the resort with her assistant. I am so fortunate to found this hotel and resort not only because they have an amazing place I fell in love with Nanay Amelia and her assistant’s kindness. Truly, the people of the Philippines especially in Marinduque are hospitable. They always ask me about what I need and always ready to help whenever I had questions.
Let’s go on and take a look on A&B Coral Resort’s amazing place.
If you’re a beach lover, you’ll appreciate that this resort is just a few walk away from the beach. Once you opened up the gate, you’ll be directed to the brown, sandy clear-water beach. I like looking at the beach but I don’t think it was nice to go swimming there because I have seen that the water was so deep even if it’s near the shore. I was contented to walk on the beach and feel the breezy December air.

The hotel rooms are nice and simple. I stayed on the air-conditioned room on my first night there with my co-blogger Sheena because we plan on going to Poctoy, White Beach. After we’ve done exploring Poctoy, she headed back to Manila so I transferred to their fan room near the gate to the beach. I am not a fan of super cold temperature and an electric fan is enough for me. Also, the price was lower so I took advantage of it. The fan room has also its own flat screen TV, comfort room, and a comfortable bed. Whenever I have to stay in a hotel, I always check the comfort room and A&B’s comfort rooms are simple yet clean. It also has a small bed side table and chair.
The internet connection there was so good. You can choose to work inside your hotel room or stay at their reception area. The reception area is also their dining area so you’ll see lots of tables and chairs. On my visit, there were just few other guests. I can’t remember how many rooms they have but I think they have like seven to ten available rooms for guests. I stayed there from December 18 to December 22, 2016. I did finished my jobs before the holidays so I can took a vacation without worrying about it. 
You’ll never have problems if you worry about food because Nanay Amelia and her assistant will ask you what you want and they will cook it for you. You have to pay for your own food of course! Their air-conditioned room has free breakfast while the fan room has none so you have to wake up early and ask them what you want to eat. Don’t worry because they will charge you an affordable price for everything.
I also want to emphasize that they have such a lovely hotel. There were flowering plants around, a cute pomelo tree with so many fruits during my visit and a dwarf coconut tree near the gate. The colors of their hotel rooms are bright yellow. You can also see bright orange, other bright colors and everything you’ll love if you appreciate colors too. This hotel can instantly bring you the happy summery vibe even on a stormy December. 
I also took the opportunity to climb up on their rooftop and I have witnessed the scenic view of the beach from their hotel. I feel like I don’t want to go down to my room but I have to. Also, the ladder that I used to get there was so dry because it was made from old, crispy wood.
Nanay Amelia’s dog was cute and it was so big yet so sweet. It plays with me whenever it’s bored and tired from sleeping all day. I am looking forward to my next stay there this year. I know it will always be a part of my Marinduque travels.
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