Happy New Year 2017: Best of 2016 Highlights

everyone, happy New Year to all of you! Since today is the first day of the
year 2017 I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you. My 2016 will
never be completed without my family, friends and dear readers. I am so excited
to start this year because I have so many things written on my planner already.
I have so many new interests to start this year and I am so blessed that each
one of you continue to support this little happy place online.
Before we
get too excited, let’s take a look on few of the most important things happened
in me last year 2016. I have to admit that my 2016 has been so good and I was
so blessed with lots of opportunities and learnings. I have met so many nice
people and traveled to some places I’ve never been. So let’s go ahead and
remember all my 2016 highlights.
January: This month was so special because I have attended one of the biggest
beauty event of the country. I am blessed to win an invite from Creamsilk Transformations
together with one of my officemate who became one of my closest friends.
I may lost my job but on this month, I have started a new one. I worked for an
outsourcing company and I have learned so much from them. This job also made me
remember my love for writing and blogging for different audiences.
There’s no special moment for this month but I got to be friends with my
co-workers and enjoy my job.
April: My
sister came from the province and have decided to find a job in Manila and we
get along so much. We have attended a business opportunity together and have
met inspiring people. We also took this opportunity to explore and be
independent. (I am 26, I know!)
May: So
here we go, some of you may know that this month is my month because I was born
on May 11th. I was so sad because I have lost my job. My employer
ended my contract and it was one of the saddest moment of my life. You know,
losing a job that you love is not good. I was undecided and everything’s not on
its perfect timing.
Although last May 2016 was full of sadness, June is the most happiest because
my guy visited me. We went to our favorite place-Boracay. We had so much fun
and tried lots of foods that we haven’t tried before. I was still in a worry
state of mind because when the vacation ends, I have to face the reality again
and do job hunting which I really hate.
July: Right
after my vacation, I was surprised with a job offer. I have started working
fulltime at home. I can’t be thankful enough for this blessing and after that
one contract, more came.
August: I
achieved one of my biggest goals in life which was living alone independently.
I moved and started renting a small space of my own. This month was amazing
because I won a 3-day short vacation trip with other 15 bloggers to Caramoan,
Camarines Sur. It was so fun and I became friends with those people. It’s not
every day you’ll win free vacation to amazing place with amazing people. Thanks
everyone, you know who you are.
I started taking meds and live a healthy lifestyle.
October: I
just work at home and go out during weekends with my best friend. I still do
it. I also got my passport appointment.
I got braces! I have waited for this all my life since I realized that my teeth
makes me have low self-esteem. I could have gotten it when I was younger but I
have to wait and pay it from my own money. Happiest kid in town. (Okay, over
I have stayed in a hotel alone just to do my work. I have visited Poctoy, White
Beach in Marinduque with my blogger friends and I have spent Christmas with my
relatives also living in Marinduque.
How about
you? How was your 2016?


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