Blogmas 2016: Third Day of Christmas and Attending Evening Mass

One of my most favorite things to do during the Christmas season is attending evening mass. It’s also called “simbang gabi” here in the Philippines. Some have early morning mass which they also called nine mornings.
I know I am not that religious type of person but I think, taking some time to attend the church activities is one of our main responsibilities why we are living in this world. It’s so nice to hear something about the birth of Jesus Crist our Lord. I feel like the story was miraculous and everything can happen when it is destined to happen. We may all have the material things that we want while we are living in this world but, that is never complete without love, sacrifices, and forgiveness. 
Our “simbang gabi”is not complete without “bibingka and puto bung-bong” (our traditional holiday foods after attending church. I can’t remember when was the last time that I ate it. I am not perfect, I admit that I have never been to Christmas mass the past few years because of work. I also know that that is a lame excuse. This time, I promise myself to attend a Christmas mass. 
I can remember how I get to be super excited for it when I was younger but, when I get older and live as a corporate slave I can no longer do my church responsibilities. The cold air during the early morning mass makes me feel so awake. I miss those times and I am so hungry of the inspiring words.
How about you? Do you attend Christmas church activities? 


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