WEDDINGS: The Perfect Outdoor Wedding Dresses

I have been watching so many TV shows about weddings and wedding dresses the past few days. I feel like I am getting married soon. (Haha! well, no.) I actually have some friends who are going to have their wedding this coming 2017 and they are all going to have an outdoor ceremony. Now, as a style blogger friend, they asked me where to get the perfect outdoor wedding dresses for their wedding day.
For their wedding photography, I highly recommend the best cheap short wedding dresses since they are going to strike so many poses and it’s difficult to move if they are not comfortable with their dress. Short dresses are the best. One of my friends is from Australia so I advised her to go and search for cheap short wedding dresses Australia. She’s so lucky she’s going to have two wedding ceremonies. One in Australia and one here in the Philippines.
Here  are my top two picks for short wedding dresses. Oh, by the way, not all women like to wear something short during the ceremony so they can reserve these dresses for their pre-wedding photography.

Most of my friends are going to have a beach wedding so these dresses are perfect! I would like to see mermaid style beach wedding dresses which I have seen at
with some sparks on it, laces and intricate back details.

First, I like this illusion neckline dress. The laces are nice, the cut is sexy and modest at the same time.

 Another illusion neckline with sweetheart top is also on my top list. This is a simple dress with amazing details and hugs the curves perfectly.

Last but not the least, I like something about the simplicity of this dress and focused more about its texture. It is perfect for outdoor wedding.


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