Lucena City: Living a City Life in Simplicity

I have been traveling and posting about different provinces that I’ve been to but, I almost forgot the city where I spent my college days. I am talking about Lucena City. It is a part of Quezon Province which is included in Calabarzon Region. If you’re planning to visit but you’ve got no idea on where to stay and what to do here, then this post is just right for you.

Lucena city is a small part of Quezon province but it is the most developed town among other nearby towns which consists of 33 barangays. Planning to visit a friend or just try our famous pancit habhab which was originally from Lucban, Quezon? There are a lot of good hotels in Lucena that you can choose from. You can use online booking sites like to compare prices, location, and amenities.

I can also recommend three hotels to you. The first hotel on my list is the Queen Margarette Hotel with two branches located in Brgy. Domoit and the other one is in the city proper called Queen Margarette Downtown. Both hotels are owned by the Dy’s and this hotel is one of the most well-known places of accommodation for tourists and visitors. The lobby is cozy and you can also have some time to swim in their outdoor pool. I love the landscaping of this hotel. The outside area is clean and perfect to take your photos. They also have huge function halls for weddings, birthdays and other events.

The next hotel is the Diamond Resort and Hotel. If you’re looking for a hotel which is a few steps away from SM City Lucena and a church, then you can choose to stay here. They also have an outdoor pool, which you can enjoy with your friends. Their hotel rooms are simple yet you can truly relax and spend your days while enjoying the simplicity of life in Lucena City.

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly hotel, you can go and check Quezon Premier Hotel also located in Brgy. Domoit just like the Queen Margarette Hotel. They have a swimming pool too. It is perfect for you if you’re on a tight budget but still want to see what Lucena City can offer.

There are many other hotels that you can choose if you plan to stay here in Lucena city but, these three are on my list of recommendations. You can roam around the city, try newly-opened restaurants and cafes and check out historical places. We have a place called Quezon Convention Center where most huge events are held such as concerts and seminars. If you’re into churches, we have the gorgeous St. Ferdinand Cathedral located in the city proper.

Some people might want to enjoy walking and do sightseeing in parks. Don’t worry because we have the huge Perez Park near the Quezon Capitol. You can also see Quezon’s statue there. At the back of SM City Lucena, you can find a mini-zoo which we call the Bird’s Park because it has different species of birds, monkeys and other animals. If you’re into animals, then you can enjoy this destination.

Food is what every person checks out when going to a new place. As I have mentioned, we Lucenahins like our Pancit Habhab, Chami and Miki-Bihon. This is Lucena’s specialty. You can also buy the famous Rodilla’s Cake here because they have many branches located in Lucena city. Want more? You can check out Buddy’s Restaurant if you would like to try their pizza, pancit and other delicious dishes especially made for everyone.

Lucena City is your first stop when you want to visit the Borawan beach, Cagbalete beach and other popular beaches located in Quezon Province. Living in Lucena City for more the seven years made me fall in love with this place. The life is simple and you can truly experience the province life as they say. It is so convenient because Lucena City is developed yet, you can still see different historical places, scenic views, and enchanting nature. You can learn a lot from people here because they are approachable and they do not hesitate to show their genuine smiles for everyone. I may leave Lucena for some time but I keep on coming back here when I want to experience living a city life with calmness and peacefulness.

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