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Yes, I am a bag person. I like handbags, clutches, and sling bags. If I look back and sum up all the bags that I had, it can be more than the pairs of shoes I owned. I am also into affordable fashion pieces and accessories so when I shop, I always consider the prices. If it’s way too far from my budget, then I will not buy it. 

Now that I am an adult, I feel like it’s time to invest in high-quality pieces and a bag is not an exemption. I am so lucky to work anywhere and my passion is traveling so I have to go out and see the world in style. Fashion is my second love so everytime I need to go somewhere, I should look appropriate. Sophistication and elegance are my adjectives when it comes to describing a successful woman. Even though I can’t say that I am successful now, I am trying to live my life as if I am claiming to be it. Investing in designer bags is one of the best things that a woman can do as she grow older and while working for her success.
“Just get a bag and drop a dream in it, and you’ll be surprised what happens.”
-Charles Nelson Reilly
This bag designer Farbod Barsum caught my attention. They have this cool website and their designs are unique. I haven’t seen bags in department stores like their creations. That’s because these bags are handmade and customized. The materials used for these bags are chosen perfectly based on their customer’s preferences. 
One of my top favorite bag from their collections is this ostrich leather bag because it looks perfect. The design is cute and it looks like it can fit all the basic things that I carry on the daily basis. It has many different colors that you can choose from. I personally prefer the red one because it looks so chic and elegant.

Aside from these elegant bags, they also offer exotic purses in which you can carry during events and look fabulous matching your outfit. No matter what season and event it is, you can just basically find something nice when it comes to bags at Farbod Barsum.

Looking for bags this fall season? These colors are amazing and will fit this season so well! I am actually into brown-orangey bags and this is so cool I got to find my favorite colors at Farbod Barsum. You can definitely carry these bags at work or on casual days and keep you look fashionable and glamorous. It’s so easy to mix and match it with your fall season outfit.

Check out their website and find the best bags for your needs and preferences. You may also find and follow them on social media to stay updated on their latest designs and promotions. Always remember, invest in high-quality pieces and it will lasts longer!

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