Hey guys, welcome to another personal post. I don’t have that regular schedule for posting but I just want to tell you guys that I am currently working on it. 
This post is something about a -not-so-serious health condition but in order to keep myself healthy I have to sacrifice some things about work and blogging. Don’t freak out, I am not leaving or something. I just want to tell you guys that I will be here and keep posting more informative posts that you can enjoy. In the past year, I’ve dealing with something about health problems but I am not serious about it and this year, I have decided to take consultation and medications to keep myself live longer. It’s not what you think but I just want to keep it this way.
I am not dying or anything but this thing about my health keeps me thinking more and more especially when people are already telling me what to do. 
I’ll be having like one to three years medication and I promise you that I’ll write about it when I finally get very well.
Thanks for the support and see you on my next post.


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