Travel to Kamay ni Hesus, LUCBAN QUEZON

This is the second post for my Kamay ni Hesus travel and this time, we went there with my friend’s kids. I like kids and I feel like they will truly appreciate new things here in Lucban, Quezon. Yesterday was Sunday and before we headed to Lucban, we went to St. Ferdinand Cathedral here in Lucena city to attend a Sunday mass. After the mass,we just ate our lunch and go straight to the jeep terminal in diversion.

We took a jeepney ride from Lucena to Lucban for 35 pesos. Just a reminder, if you’re not used to fast driving jeepney, then you should not commute! Weird because when we get back and took our jeepney ride going back to Lucena,they just asked for 30 pesos. It was fine anyway.
These two are super cute and they both call me ninang. Hehe. I am sure they are going to hunt me this coming Christmas.

Every time we get to visit Kamay ni Hesus,it always rains and I am kinda used to it. So here’s a photo of me holding that cute pink umbrella.

The kids want to take a photo while riding those statue animals so it was my pleasure to do it for them. 

We also enjoyed watching these fishes. I think they are called Koi because I saw a sign there saying “Feed the Koi”.
In Kamay ni Hesus, you’ll also see different flowering plants like this one.

So here’s a mandatory flowering plants photo of me.

If you’re going here to attend the mass or pray on the top of the mountain, you can also let your kids see this cute slides. This is good for photos but we do not let the children play on it since it was raining. 

Daydreaming of Noah’s arc? Here in Kamay ni Hesus, you can see this huge Noah’s arc and take a picture of it to make it lasts longer for your eyes. That cute little bridge is also a perfect view for photos or while staring down at the colorful fishes in the pond.

Going up is fun but this little guy is already tired. 

View from the second station.

Here’s the chapel. You can also go here and attend the mass or to pray during Sunday.

Look, I found a cute tiny gate! 

The next thing that you can do after an enjoyable sight-seeing is to eat! We went to Chito’s which was our favorite place to eat while in Lucban. If you want to go there, you can just ask the tricycle driver to drive you to Chito’s. You’ll just pay 10 pesos to get there if you have some friends coming with you. If you have no one to go there with, then I think they will ask you to pay 40 pesos.

 Here’s our Sunday group photo at Chito’s! You can also visit some boutiques near Chito’s if you want to shop for affordable shoes and clothes. That’s what we did after we ate.


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