Change The Way You See Happiness

I just recently discovered myself falling in love with travelling and photography. Before, I was really afraid to leave home and see different places. I feel like I can’t go somewhere without thinking that something will happen to me that will cause troubles. I was so sad. I do have friends but they are too busy living for their own dreams. I don’t know what to do but I have to find myself and learn more about the thing that can make me happy. I have no career. People are judging me for being just myself and waiting for opportunities to knock on my door. I realized what I am doing is wrong. I need to take actions, see the world and create my own opportunities with what I have.
 Have you found yourself feeling helpless and you’re left behind? I did.

Until I found myself getting a plane ticket to Boracay. It seems like I have found a new passion and everything has changed. I fall in love with travelling alone. Ever since I had started this blog, I kept on thinking that I am not going anywhere to be a travel blogger because I fear the world. Would I become a travel blogger if I am not going to travel? That is impossible. I am just fooling myself. The deep blue sea and sandy shores have proven me that I a wrong.

I have learned to appreciate the goodness of nature, different structures, work of arts and people around me. As the saying goes, whatever you fears the most will make you truly happy once you have conquered it. While I want to keep and treasure the moments of my every journey, I need something useful to make it happen while staying in touch with my family and friends. 

I know that Huawei P9 will definitely the best smartphone to bring during my travels. I can master the art of photography while keeping my communications with the important people in my life even when I am away. The  Huawei P9 can “Change the Way You See Mobile Photography”. because its camera is co-engineered with Leica which has dual lenses that produces high quality photos and allow users to take amazing monochrome, slo-mo, colored, light painting photos among others.
Huawei P9 is the best choice for aspiring travel bloggers like me. The start of our journey should begin with professional-looking photos. Take time to appreciate life, freedom and beauty! Take actions and change the way you see happiness!


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