Irresistible Me: Have an Instant Gorgeous Hair! #irresistiblegram

Hello everyone! This post is long overdue but now I am so excited
to share it to you. So I was just looking on how to grow my hair quickly
because I has a terrible experience the last time I went to a salon for a
haircut. Then, I just found a way on how to achieve it without waiting again
for years to grow it back. The answer is hair extensions. Since I started blogging about fashion and beauty, I always
wanted to share some tips and tricks on proper hair care. This one will be
about how you can achieve an instant longer hair while feeling comfortable and
gorgeous as ever.

Luckily, I found a website called Irresistible Me and they are selling different hair tools, hair accessories and hair extensions. I finally got the package from the and I already did an unboxing video for it. If you’re interested, you can check it here.
I really love the packaging and it looks neat and clean. As I opened the box, I saw this gorgeous woman and their logo. I got so excited when I saw that there are tons of hair extensions more than I expected.

I got the dark brown hair extension because this color fits my hair perfectly and it is 14 inches and in 140g. I thought it will be longer than my hair but it’s okay the adjustment will solve all the length issues.

Here are the hair extensions inside  the box. It was sealed completely and I like how they take good care of every order of their customers. 
Look at this goodies! My hair and outfits will be happier if I wear it. I tried it on my hair and the fit is perfect. I feel like I am just wearing a regular hair clip and the hair falls down perfectly down to my shoulders. I am thinking of getting more (in different color and length) after this package and I might do a giveaway. Yay! Who’s excited?

I also forgot to mention that there are hair nets around these hair extensions. I was just so excited and opened it immediately when I received it. The hair extensions are soft, thick and it blends perfectly to the color of my hair.

These hair extensions are perfect to wear at different events and occasions. I will do a separate video on how it will look on my hair. You can choose which one to wear depends on you hair type and needs. If you want a hair extensions that is 100% made in human hair, go for Irresistible Me. Looking for more? Check their website here.


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