Summer Essentials: Nivea Sun Protects

Summer is here once again! Have you
shopped for your favorite summer skin care essentials? I know it’s too early to
buy these summer skin essentials but the weather here in the Philippines really
calls for it. It’s getting hotter here and if you need some skin protection
from the harmful rays of the sun, you should go out and buy skin care products.
Summer is fun and it is the season where we want to go out, spend some time at
the beach and go for adventure. Whether it is summer or rainy season, we should
take good care of our skin. Aside from eating healthy foods such as fruits and
vegetables, we should take vitamins for the skin and use products to maintain its
youthful looking glow.
Last week, Nivea Philippines had its
yearly 50% off on all items sale. I waited for two days to shop for skin care
products and last Saturday, I decided to get mine. Nivea is one of my favorite
and trusted brands since I was younger. Although I seldom buy Nivea skin care
products, I still like to use them. I admit, these products are kind of pricey
for me with their original prices that’s why if they have a sales promotion, I
see to it that I will get some for my skin care needs. Here are the products
that I got from Watson’s Store last Saturday.
Nivea Lotions – Lotions are my best
friend. Whenever I feel like my skin is all dry, I make sure to apply lotion
after I bathed. Since the weather is too hot here in the Philippines, I feel
lazy to put lotions as they add extra warm feeling on my skin.
Nivea Lip Balms – I don’t want dry lips so
I also got lip balms. I use it whenever I go out and at night before I go to
bed. Nivea lip balms have many sweet flavors and watermelon is my favorite.
Nivea Baby wipes / make-up remover. – I work
8 hours straight during the day and my eyes are tired from staring the screen
of my computer. I see to it that my eyes are still protected. I do not wash my
face at night so I use the Nivea make-up remover to clean my face. It is
hydrating and perfect to remove the dirt that I got from the whole day out.
Nivea Deodorant – I always make sure that
I smell fresh and clean. Body odor is a no-no! I make sure to use the Nivea
Nivea Foaming Wash – This is one of the
best products of Nivea when it comes to cleaning and making you feel fresh and
clean. I like how soft and smooth my skin after I used the Nivea facial foaming
I bought lots of Nivea products so that
I can stay protected this summer season. Next month, I am going to the beach
and I need to bring some skin protection products to stay fresh, clean and

How about you, what are your summer skin
care essentials?


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