Live with the King

Live with the King

Have you heard
about the new Huawei
Being a blogger, I would love to own this cute and high-tech kind of cell
phone. Here are the top five features why I would like to have this smartphone
on my hands for this summer 2016. We are going to Boracay this coming May and I
would like to own a new smart phone that will give all my needs when it comes
to the online world.
Just because I really like to take photos even at
night, Huawei Nexus6P has a low-light
loving and powerful camera
which can let me take the perfect selfies even
at low light.
The stunning
screen clarity
makes it look so elegant and perfect to achieve that
professional look if I carry it at work.
I like watching Youtube videos on my phone and
sometimes I struggle listening to the sound because my phone’s speaker is
located on its back. With Huawei Nexus6P I imagine listening to the sound so
clearly and loud because it has a front-facing
Since phones stick on my hands like it is glued, I
hate slow charging features but with Huawei Nexus6P I like how fast charging it is due to its USB type C
charging port
. Sounds good right?
I write all the time and I love how it can give me the best of all the things that I used
every day for my research such as Google, Gmail, YouTube and many other


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