Chill With Ben’s Chili-Flavoured Halo-Halo

                Last Friday, April 1, 2015 I decided to go
home and stayed there for two days since I have two days off from work. I
wanted to refresh my mind from work and visit the place where I took some of
the precious moments in my life. Whenever I go home, I always find time to go
out with my best friend. We always go thrift-shopping, sharing stories, cooking
and eating out with newly-opened restaurants or café. Luckily, he took me to
one of the best summer time destination where you can eat the best halo-halo ice
cream in town. If you’re living here in the Philippines you know what halo-halo
is. Just ask us Filipinos what is our favourite cold summer food and we will
always answer halo-halo. Since we like halo-halo we like to try it while
sharing stories about work and everything.
We went to a newly opened
restaurant called Ben’s Halo-halo which was located at the back of Tongho near
Perez Park in Lucena city. There are only few people in the restaurant maybe
because some people don’t know the place yet because it is still new. The lady
gave us the menu and we scanned it so we can choose which foods are the best to
order (although we just went there purely about trying the halo-halo ice cream
because we just had our lunch at home). They have halo-halo and different iced-crushed
drinks with different flavours such as mais con yelo and the chili-flavoured
halo-halo. I tried their French fries which was really affordable for the price
of 30php. I chose the barbecue-flavoured French fries over cheese. I also like
cheese-flavoured fries but I am into something really salty that day.
                We liked the Chili-flavoured
halo-halo ice cream that we ordered and it was good for the price of 75php per
one. The crushed-ice that they used is more like ice cream so the taste was
good – not too sweet though. If you like sweets, you can add more sugar on it.
It has chili-powder in it, different halo-halo ingredients such as banana, our
favourite leche flan, ube, langka, sago and nata de coco. It satisfied the hot
weather yet giving a spicy twist on your tongue. We also liked the halo-halo
presentation as it has real-chili on top instead of cherries.
                The place was nice and cold because
they are fully air-conditioned. It was just a small restaurant which also
offers different budget-friendly Filipino foods. The place was clean, the
people are nice and approachable. I personally liked their furniture used in
their restaurant which made me inspired of dreaming to have something like that
in the future.  If you’re looking for a
new place to try your favourite halo-halo ice cream, I and my best friend will
recommend Ben’s Halo-halo ice cream to satisfy your cravings. Make sure to go
there with your friends and enjoy chilling at one of the most convenient place
for your favourite halo-halo. 
Get lost in sharing stories and laugh out loud
while scooping your favourite chili-flavoured halo-halo ice cream this summer.



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