BLOGMAS 2015: Purpose

This is it. I just received one big blessings that I’ve been praying ever since I knew my passion. This may not be so big deal to everyone but I am so thankful for this opportunity. I know this is just the beginning of many changes that I’ve been praying for and I am now officially claiming it. 

This is not just accident. The Lord god is creating our lives and I am one of those thousands, millions, zillions living proof. I am not that perfect person and I sin differently from everyone but I am so blessed enough to stop myself from doing such things which are bad.
I feel happy. I realized that life is too short to let opportunities go away. We just owe this life and everything about it so let’s keep doing everything that will make us happy without hurting anyone. Be patient, the perfect time will come. think positive. Celebrate Christmas on purpose and learn to appreciate every thing about your life. Be strong. Keep the fire burning and let go of sadness.
Happy blogmas in purpose.


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