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Last week of October, I went to my hometown to give myself a little treat of rest and fun with my friends. It was great to be back from where I came from and forget stressful things. We visited Kamay ni Jesus located at Lucban Quezon. I already posted my travel there in my another blog and it was awesome. This post is all about food that I missed during my stay here in Manila.

Quezon Province is known for some native delicacies and other delicious foods like Pansit Lucban, yema cake and longganisa. I would also like to share how Buddy’s Pizza’s leche flan taste good. 

I had some cherry apples too! I like their sizes which way too compared to the normal apple.

Buddy’s restaurant is known for their delicious sizzling pork sisig with egg. Oh, for all of you who doesn’t know what is sisig you can just gogle it. hehe.

Blue lemonade is perfect after you had so much food in your tummy!

We also ate at Chito’s restaurant after our photo walk at Kamay ni Hesus. We had chicken and spaghetti but sad to say, we ate it all before we realize that we need to take photos for you guys. Sorry, too hungry!

More travels soon! So watch out!


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