Hello everyone! So here’s my current mood! Yes, I am super happy because I finally own I was really amazed and to tell you where I got the money to buy the domain name, I did a collaboration with my favorite clothing brand and yes, I was paid to do it. I mean who doesn’t want to do a collaboration with a popular brand plus the freebies and getting paid for it?
You all know guys that one of my greatest dream job is to become a full time blogger yet I have to climb the ladder to its success.

I just want to write an update today about my current job and how eager I am to get out of the corporate world. So, my schedule at work is 8:30 in the morning until 5:30 in the afternoon. At first, I kinda enjoy working because I was unemployed for about three months after my previous job at a real estate. I am now working in an automotive industry yet still in the Accounting department. I can say that as the days go by working with them isn’t as good as I have expected. The system is not nice and the people that I am working with has too many issues regarding their job roles. I don’t want this kind of environment but I have to sacrifice lots of things, hard work and patience to achieve my goal. The other side of my brain is telling me to quit as soon as I can but in reality of life, I have to consider that I really need to hold into it because I want to have an income while waiting for the right time to have my own business and working at home. I have to work even after 5:30pm even though I hate the idea of going home late. Sometimes I have to work until 10:00pm just to prove to our boss that we are serious about our jobs. We can go home as early as 5:30pm but do you know the feeling when you’re about to leave and then they are all going to look at you and tell you “hey, its early to go home?” Yes, I am obliged to stay that long even though they are not forcing me to render over time. I have my own speed and I am very systematic when it comes to work. I don’t want to waste any time so I can go home in the scheduled time but things like this and the people’s attitude is uncontrollable and I have to go with the flow before they kick me out of my position because I am still new. I feel so abused because they treat me as if I their own personal assistant. There are too many commands everywhere which I can say is not part of my duties and responsibilities. I don’t even hear the word “please” and “excuse me”.
Like what I’ve said, I was unemployed for several months and I don’t want that to happen again without the things that I want to start my full time working at home journey. I already started a little online shop and the rest are still written on my notebook waiting there for me to achieve. I want to retire early even though I just started a new job.  don’t know, but this doesn’t make feel complete, it doesn’t make me feel happy and excited every morning. I am sad and miserable but I have to do it. Its better to try it than to totally lose it and start a new one. I am not afraid of changes but there’s time for that. I have to give it a try and stay strong.
So that’s my long update and complains haha! I am fine, I just need some sweets and lots of foods. 
P.S I don’t have a weekend this week because we are forced to work until Sunday so my weekend will be next next week. (terrible!)


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