It’s “BER” months again! OMG, time’s really fast and now is a cold weather time again! Not to mention its time for “soup” and delicious foods again! I don’t know but the last time I ate at pizza hut, I liked their soup and right now I am craving for it. By the way, I just want to share that Nuffnang is going to have a tasty treat next month. Go ahead and check it at

I am so happy to share you guys that right now, I am having a good time and my blog is doing good. I recently received another blog collaboration from a company located at the United Estates, got a job offer from a freelancing website and I can say that I already moved on from the stress of adjustment on my day job.

So far, everything is going fine and I would like to thank God for these blessings. I might share more things so just stay tuned!


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