Blog Changes

Let’s talk about changes. As you can notice, I did changed everything again from this blog. I just realized that I am not really contented with the former blog urls and blog names that I had for a long time. I don’t care even if I may lose followers and start from the very beginning again.

 I want to build a new blog as for some changes in my life. I want to be serious about it. I am blogging before without a purpose but now, I want to be a more professional blogger so I have to change everything. For more, I am planning to blog here once a week due to my schedule at work. This blog will be more of my adventures, blogging about blogging because I want to share some information on what I’ve learn from blogging since 2012, i also want to share some tips about money and saving, personality development, foods and drinks and some lifestyle events. 
Looking forward for your support and love!


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