June is time for school again, so happy first day of school for those students out there! Here we go, back to reality of life. Back then, I didn’t take life seriously until I lost jobs and forced to stay at home getting crazy about job hunting almost everyday. I am always like that. I am always sad and don’t know what to do especially when all of your friends are having their own lives, working hard to the fullest and to die for earning their way up to what they call success.

I should do the same but unfortunately, some things go beyond to what I am expecting. I read quotes everyday. I make lists of companies where I am going to send my resume until one night I finally thought of working smarter. I mean what I really want is a job which makes me feel inspired everyday. I don’t want to work just for the money but I wanted to work because I love what I am doing.

I really like blogging too much but when I told someone about it, he just said, “live in reality and find a day job that can make you earn a living”. I am not mad because that’s true. Its just that why some people don’t understand the goodness of my dream? I mean, they find it stupid and that I am crazy. How? I read about hundreds of bloggers earning six figures a month by just about their blogs.

I know that its really hard to attain that but I am not into blogging just for that six figures. I have to climb up high to attain that and be dedicated. As if I am going to treat my websites as my own business. That’s true and now I am not discouraged, I just want to prove them that blogging is fun. Its a hobby where you can put all your creativity and hidden talents. I just want to go full time on this because it makes me happy. One day, some people will understand what I am talking about here and I will surely laugh with this post.

You may think that its okay to pursue this and I will do that. let me just take it step by step and I want you to go through my blogging journey. This blog had inspired me to stand up for what I wanted to do. My goal isn’t just blog and blog but to put dedications and hard work. I am not closing my heart for the corporate world but this is the main goal why I would like to live life to the fullest and strike all the sacrifices that will come. It’ll be worth it. It takes time.

I can’t really write all my plans but I am happy that I am sharing this to you! I hope you find what you’re looking for!


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