Birthday Girl

Hello everyone! So today’s another special day for me because it’s my 25th birthday! Yes, I am twenty five and old. (haha) If you want to know what are my plans and other things in mind, continue reading.

So here I am again, celebrating another age. First of all, I am very much thankful that I’ve been through this age. I know, I am not that successful compared to many people same my age but I am still struggling to attain whatever dreams in mind and passion in my heart I have right now. For the meantime, my goal is to find a new job that will start the foundation of my main goal. Since day one, I really wanted to be a full time blogger  and writer but let’s face the truth and be realistic. It’s not that easy to quit a day job and earn a living blogging especially if you just started. So  my plan is to have a new career in the corporate world. It’s really hard to find jobs nowadays but I know something right will come for me. I just came from my one whole month vacation at my hometown and I guess I am ready to face the big world. 
I left those bad memories and stressful things from my previous jobs and hopefully, I will find the right job that will create happiness and joy while serving them. I can’t believe I am twenty five already! I haven’t achieved anything yet and I am enjoying life. There’s no serious decisions during the last twenty four years of my life but now is the time to start acting like a real matured woman.
So yeah, that’s my plan. Thank you so much to all those people who greeted me on this very special day. Cheer’s to a new chapter!


Zane took BS Information Management and currently working as Virtual Assistant/Social Media Manager for different clients overseas. She travels, take pictures and read books during her spare time and love writing random topics on this blog. Check out her Instagram account @zanesaria for more photos!


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