Birth Month!

Hey my dearest readers! I miss you so much. I just took some months away from the blogging world because I did took a break and refreshments. If you want to know where I’ve been, you may check my Instagram account or my new blog and I have some wonderful photos for you to see.

I’m okay and I did some photography during those vacations. Honestly, I have lots of posts lined up for hair and makeup, travel diaries and some interesting things that you may be excited to read.

I want you to know guys that I have a new cat named Thibodaux. I’ll post a proper one next time to introduce this cutie to you!

It’s flower month again and I will share some of those pretty flowers that I saw. Are you girls excited? Oh, to all the mothers there, I want to greet you all a happy mother’s day!

 There is a post regarding nail colors. I did one with my colorful summer OOTD!

Who loves watermelon? Aside from beauty and travel I also have some post regarding foods. This is just a hint because the computer that I am currently using have much trouble uploading it. (So sorry guys, but I promise there is more on the next post probably a day after this.)

This is May sky! It has no filter and I was really amazed when I saw this so I captured some good shots to share it with you all! How are you guys doing? Again, I did missed you all. I will catch up with you again when I get back for real. As for now, just enjoy these photos and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram of my Facebook page.



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