I Can Feel The Spirit of Christmas!

So it’s been a while. I have no specific schedule on making some blog posts here because I’ve been doing a new project with some people and I miss being here! Christmas is fast approaching and most of the people now are busy for Christmas shopping and Christmas parties. I also had my mini-shopping last weekend and I would like to share you some of the things that I got and did.
I went out with two of my sisters last Saturday for a grocery shopping and McDonalds. My sisters and I love McDonalds ever since and I can tell you that this month, we completed their glass collection in different styles. 

French fries, coke float and cheese burgers are our favorite! We can call it all-time favorites okay? We have different fast food menu favorites and here at McDonalds, we believe they have the best fries and coke float ever!
For girly things, I bought a new lipstick and face powder from Everbilena and a liquid make-up base from Careline. These two brands are my favorite affordable brands of cosmetics. I’ve been using some of their products since I was in college.
I have a yearly tradition of giving some Christmas money to my Godchildren and I always make sure I have the newest paper money from the bank that’s why it’s here! I know this isn’t that much but I like to give what I can give to them and it makes me happy when they say thank you with a flashing smile!
Happy weekend everyone! Remember to smile and be happy always! Have a merry merry Christmas to all of you!


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