Goodbye Typhoon, Hello Bright Skies!

The beginning of this week was so sad because we had a typhoon called Hagupit / Ruby and we just stayed at home, hoping that everything’s going to be alright. It’s really sad that we always have those kinds of problems here but we Filipinos are strong people who never surrender and continue to live with a happy heart.
While the typhoon is happening, my sister and I had nothing to do so we decided to paint out walls.
  We hope for this blue skies and now we have it here! So thank God.
Our kitty just slept the whole rainy Monday and I had the chance to take this cute photo of her. (hehe)
If you’re a follower of my Instagram, you already know that I give an advice of not wearing make-up on a stormy or rainy day. (Sayang, mababasa lang)
Just wear lipstick.
Who’s excited for Christmas? Let’s forget those hard times and sad times and go watch Olaf!

  Have a colorful December my loves!


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