December Travel at Isdaan Floating Resto-Park Part II

How was your Christmas dear readers? Mine was okay, had so much fun watching A movie called Feng Shui. It was awesome. Then, the day after Christmas, I went on a small get together with my friends. Got worst drunk. Well, that’s life haha. As I’ve promised, here’s my second part of the Isdaan travel last December 23.

Me trying to take a selfie. Did I got it right? You judge it.
Going to Isdaan is not complete without foods. So we have some cold iced tea with melon and flower garnish…

Rice, mixed vegetables called Pinakbet, our favorite Bicol Express, ensaladang mangga…

 We also ordered the Sari-Sari on their menu. It has bean sprouts, pork, chicken, and shrimps.

All these and our stomachs were full. 

The foods were delicious and worth the price. (Yeah, although they’re a bit pricey so I suggest you better bring some thousand pesos if you’re going to Isdaan or you can do what we did. “Sharing”


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