Blessings + Blessings

Hey loveleees! Let me share you some of the blessings that I received this November. I did told you that I’ve been into a little depression and been into resting the past few weeks since I left my previous job. I am so excited that I am working again! So here we go!
Selfie in the office! I am sorry for those baggy and dark circled eyes. I watch TV too much and sleeping late lately haha!

Wearing black because I’m undecided. You can’t go wrong with black.

Went to my favorite Italian Restaurant here called Samuelitos and had some of their delicious foods and drinks. Here’s their chili-pineapple shakes.
Spaghetti and Quesadillas are the best.  I recommend hehe.
I like their cheesy spaghetti.

Some of the freebies that my new company had gave me for my first week of working πŸ™‚ Not bad at all because I appreciate every little thing. Thank you.

Who doesn’t want some sweet Tiffany Candies and a notepad?
Have a productive week lovelieeees! I love you all.


Zane took BS Information Management and currently working as Virtual Assistant/Social Media Manager for different clients overseas. She travels, take pictures and read books during her spare time and love writing random topics on this blog. Check out her Instagram account @zanesaria for more photos!


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