AVON Make-up Brushes Review

Good Day gorgeous people on earth! So today, I am going to have a review of Avon’s Make-Up Brush set that I got for months ago. (I can’t even remember when) I know every girl who puts on their make-ups needs this basic set of brush that’s why I get myself one and I want you to know why I chose to have the Avon Make-up Brushes.

This is a five set of brushes which I can tell you that these brushes are the basic needs when we put on our colorful make-ups.
It has for foundation, eyeshadow, blush, eyebrows and lip brush.

It has a secured rubber separator for which you can separate them well and aligned so it will be easier for you to get when you need it.

It looks like a small pouch which you can carry or put inside your bag. I think the design is cute and well made for every girl’s needs.

So here they are! The brushes are soft and very usable. The handles are okay and it has it’s own labels for which is which for to use.

Take a look closely so you can see the shiny new brushes and its labels.

So far, I have no cons to add because I haven’t tried some branded brushes yet. For now, Avon Make-up Brushes is the best!


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