Summer Excitement

 Hello my dearest! So this is my first ever post since I turned twenty four. Oh yeah, you read it right I am twenty four and I want to tell you that I’m still here, making blog posts and sharing it to the world. It’s Summer! I can’t wait to share a lot of interesting things to you guys and let me first inform you that I’m going somewhere and do some blogging duties (Photo shoots, Video for YT) some events and meeting my relatives and friends. I am super excited!
It’s really Summer everywhere like even inside the malls. Look at this cute decorations from SM Tarlac. Isn’t it fascinating? I can’t keep off my eyes from staring at this lovely colors.

I want to see more of these creativity so I’m gonna head up somewhere and when I get back, I have a lot of photos and stories for you to read 🙂
I got to leave this City for awhile.

Enjoy your Summer Days Ladies 🙂


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