Summer 2014 Must-Haves!

You can tell that it’s summer already when you really feel the heat on your skin and thinking of those fun memories last summer. In case you got plans on going to the beach or just going somewhere this summer season, make it sure that have the following things with you.
  • A sunscreen to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun which we all know that starts during the mid-day.
  • A sunglasses for your eyes.
  • Flip flops. Yeah, it is one of the most important things to bring or wear during the summer season at the beach.
  • Flats. Whether you’re going to shop, a movie, a summer concert with friends, amd some festivals it is nice to wear a cute pair of flats to keep you more comfortable doing some activities through  out the day.
  • Denim shorts or some cute pair of designed shorts is perfect to wear with graphic tees, cropped top and lose tops during summer season.
  • Botteled water. Who wants to get dehydrated anyway?
  • Camera. Whether it is your phone that you’re using, it is good to have some cool memories from this season and share it with your friends or just treasure it.
  • A cool nice bag which can carry all your summer essentials.
  • Moisturizer. Yeah, your skin needs a lot of treatment. You may be so happy and exhausted after a long day but you still need to keep your skin healthy and moisturized.
  • Pairs of swimsuit, and clean under wears. You know what I am talking about, girls!
  • Some snacks. I recommend fruits and fruits! You want to be healthy but still having fun? Eat fruits and have that glowing skin!
  • Have some music with you!
  • Pony tails. Since it is really hot during summer, you may want to always do up do’s and loose braids. I recommend keeping some ponytails with you.
  • Lip balm and pressed powder. You don’t need to wear on so much make-up because the truth is, it will usually melts off. Better stick to the basic with moisturizing your lips and keeping your face to be oil-free!
Enjoy your Summer!


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