Marinduque Summer 2014

Hello there my sweet readers! I just came back from my four-days vacation and I’m so excited to share these photos!
I went home as early as twelve o’clock in the morning and stuck in traffic so yeah, I’m home at six o’clock. Oh, I hate the time travel, though it was worthy.

For a quick girl stuff, here’s my nail colors when I traveled. Summer’s on my nails! Yayy!

I stayed at my mom’s house for a day and then I took a ship ride going to Marinduque. It was so early, like four o’clock in the morning which I really like because I can see Mr. Sun!

There he is, boasting and floating like a King! I really love those sparkly rays and the cloud’s colors.

 Finally I arrived at 8 o’clock in the morning and I’ve one of my cutest niece Charmel and my cousin Rea.
So busy with the tab though. haha!

My grand-mom’s white cat. Careful, she bites. She is pregnant so, there might be some cute kittens when I go back on my next visit.  

Sorry for my messy hair and bare face! It’s early in the morning and I just want to take a selfie in front of these lavender flowers!

Playing with my Aunt’s dogs!

Me and my loving grandmother . She is the best among the best, and I love her so much!

My grandmother has always this green thumb that’s why here’s another proof! Red rose.

This is freakin’ perfect!!

Bye for now hometown, see you in a bit!


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