What’s in my Bag (April 2014)

Since I think I haven’t done any updated “what’s in my bag” post, let’s do it today! (I know, it’s a very late post for April 2014 and here I am doing it :-)) Before we start talking about what’s inside my bag, let me tell you something about my bag too!
I got this Jovanni bag from SM Department store (I think last week) and it is a very cute-printed bag. It has no pockets outside but it has three pockets inside of it where I can organize my phones, receipts, and other things. I love the print and the texture of this bag. It’s a smooth kind of leather. (I guess, I really don’t know how to describe the texture but all I can say is it is really smooth) I love the color of its straps and it is small but my things can really fit in it.

First, I always have with my my phone pouch and wallet. I already posted something about that pink pouch and yeah, I’m loving the color of it. I used to have some cards, receipts, money, and IDs inside that black wallet. In the pink pouch, I usually have my phone, and I use it as a coin purse sometimes. I put some medicine tablets inside that mini coin purse attached to the bigger one.

The next thing inside my bag is my Alcatel HD tablet and my phone. I can’t go out without my phone.

I also have my pony tails, a lipstick to give colors on my lips when I am out and sometimes I use it as a cheek blusher. I always listen to music so when I go out, I always bring my earphones.

I am pretty messy all the time because I always have some crumpled receipts inside my bag, different keys, chains and facial tissue since I don’t always bring a handkerchief.

There’s so many things inside my bag and that also includes a cologne spray and an alcohol.

Lastly for girl essentials, I have a small brush, pressed powder and baby powder (maybe is it too much for face powder?) but yeah, I always do have it inside my bag.

That’s all! Can you tell me something about your things inside your bag?
Advance Happy Easter everyone.
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