Walk With Faith

“Faith – Believing for the unseen.”
Have you ever been in this kind of situation when you have something to do but you cannot decide on what to put first in your checklist? Do you have lots of things to consider before making a decision? If ever you’ve been with this kind of situation, (or maybe experiencing it now) let me tell you some things. We are all here in this world to live life and enjoy it. We should live happily and have faith. We do believe in some things that we haven’t seen. It is the same with possibility and the way we look on every situation in our lives. 
There is no measurement for faith. I know some of us have different ways of describing the amount of faith in our lives but I can tell you, having faith doesn’t require measurements. Its just a matter of having or nothing at all. If we want to achieve something, all we do is to trust and keep faith with God. The very first step on being a successful person is walking with faith. Many of those successful person that we know started with just one single step, commitment, they worked hard to achieve their goals and keep going even they’ve experienced the difficult times in their lives. There is no easy way. People are people and we don’t have the magic to get what we want right now. We all have to purse and be a responsible person.
There are times that we feel like giving up. There are times that we just want to stay in our comfort zone because of the fears in our hearts. Fears for failures, fears for the people around us and having fears for the new environment and its violence that can destruct us. We all have to be positive and learn to be happy for every days in our lives. Life is important and being happy is the best thing for us. Dream. Go for it. Don’t be afraid to be judged by those people around you. They don’t know what’s inside your heart and they don’t know your future. Your future doesn’t rely on them. So don’t think of every negative things coming from them. Do what you love, keep loving yourself, share love to other people and be the blessing for them.
Keep walking with your faith and someday, you’ll see the goodness of it inside your heart, within your soul as a person.


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