Cherish Life

So here we are! Back to reality guys. I know, some of you had so much fun from the Easter Holy Week and I am pretty sure that you want an extended vacation right? Well, for me, I had a not-so-fun vacation because first and foremost, I hated the travel I had on going home and getting back to my workplace again. If you live in the same country, you’ll know what it is like. The traffic, the long lines before getting in the bus and those tiring moments that can loosen your patience. 
Although I did experienced that, I realized a lot of things. I was on my home when I suddenly I thought that God loves us. We may experience a lot of bad situations in life but its the journey behind that can make us a better person. We are here not to brag about everything, not to complain for everything but to be thankful for every little things that life is offering us.

I was so tired and exhausted after the long hours of travel but fortunately when I saw some of these perfect creations, whoa.. this is life. 

From where I stand. It’s good to be back at my Family for a while.

Cherish Life!


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