REVIEW: Clean and Clear Facial Foaming Wash and Moisturizer

Today, I am writing this post about my favorite facial foaming wash and moisturizer. I’ve been using these two products of Clean and Clear for almost three months now and I can say that it really work well with me. I don’t really like putting on too much creams and chemicals on my face, I just use the facial cleaning essentials.
I got these from Watsons Yesterday because the last two that I used were all empty now. The Clean and Clear Facial Foaming Wash costs for about P79.00 while the Clean and Clear facial moisturizer is at P114.00.
Every morning, I like using the foaming facial wash. It is very soft and gentle for my face, the smell is nice and this product softens my skin then I put next the facial moisturizer which makes my pores close and protects. I don’t usually wash my face every night because my eyes were tired from staring on the computer screen while I work in the office during daytime. Instead, I just use a Facial toner to clean my face and a moisturizer before I go to sleep at night. On my next purchase, I will look for a Clean and Clear Facial Toner to try on and include in my beauty essentials.

Johnson & Johnson has too many good products to try on and I am loving most especially these two Clean and Clear Facial essentials. These two is always on my beauty essential pouch every time I travel too!

So for those ladies who wants to try a good Facial Wash and Facial Moisturizer, I would like to recommend these too because I had tried it and I can say that it suits my skin type.
What is your facial cleaning essentials? Do you have any suggestions on what Facial Toner to use?


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