RED FEBRUARY SERIES: What I Got For Valentines Day 2014

Hello readers! I miss you so much, I did promised to blog every other day but Yesterday was really not a blogging day for me because I’ve been sick and felt really bad. I am okay now, (thanks God) and I am so happy to be back. This is the last day of my RED FEBRUARY SERIES and here’s what I got from this year’s Valentines Day even though I did stayed in bed the whole day.

I got this pink (yeah, I know it’s not red) mobile pouch and I really love it and it comes with a mini coin purse too!

I got a rose! Okay, I bought it for myself the other day! (lol) I think it’s not wrong to buy myself a simple red rose for Valentines Day since no I don’t expect anyone to give it to me. (hehe) Let’s talk about self-love.

Lots of flowers!
Lastly, I got some cute arm candies the other day as a treat to myself.

Now I have so many beads accessories and before I forgot, I also have the cute ribbon necklace and a heart-shaped necklace from a friend.
Belated Happy Valentines Day!


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