Merry Christmas Hundred Islands

Let’s talk about the beautiful places here in the Philippines. (I mean, well-known tourists spots.) Last Sunday, I went to a place called Hundred Islands located in the Northern part of the Philippines at Alaminos City, Pangasinan. Let me share somethings on how to get there and the great photos I got.
First, we took a bus from Siesta, (A terminal here in Tarlac City) You can ride a bus with the sign board Bolinao and Alaminos. It’s a two rides from Tarlac City. First is the Bus then a tricycle when you reach Alaminos City then there are lots of tricycle going to Lucap wherein the Hundred Islands is located. Be sure to bring your own food, water and essential things such as lotions, slippers, hat and other things because because some of the goodies they used to sell near the Islands were kinda expensive compared to the regular prices in groceries and stores in the city. Bus fare from Tarlac City is 192php then a hundred for three of us for the tricycle.

My first impression of the place is so AMAZING! (And it lasts until now.)
We rent a boat for 1400php which can take you to the Islands of your choice, they have Three major Islands which named as Governor’s Island, Children’s Island and the Quezon Island. If you want to stay there for an overnight be sure to bring your own tent.

Don’t forget your cameras too for a wonderful photo memories.

Amazing view on top of Governor’s Island.

Be sure to bring your sunnies as well.

Children’s Island. ๐Ÿ™‚

This Island looks like an alligator? turtle? Dinosaur? You choose.

Children’s Island is name for it’s shallow water especially for kids to have fun.
Quezon Island. The proof why it was being called Quezon Island is here! I am with the Quezon statue.
White sand. ๐Ÿ™‚

I had a wonderful visit with this wonderful Islands! Those memories are priceless.
Be sure to check out my next post. It is all about the souvenirs and other places near Hundred Islands.
Merry Christmas!


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