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One day before Christmas! Are you excited? Well I am excited to go home and spend my Christmas with my family but unfortunately, I wasn’t able to do it because the schedule in my current job is so hectic that I can’t have a short leave. (Not to mention it takes seven hours to travel going back home). Good thing, they let me spend New Year with my loved ones. How about you guys? This Holiday season is really much important and I’m having some of my favorite things. Scroll down and read 🙂
I’m addicted to Iced tea nowadays even if it’s kinda cold for December. I won’t mind. I’ll still have it. The sweetness makes me forget every sadness in me. 

Ginisang Kangkong. I don’t know but I like Ginisang Kangkong with Garlic. It’s really good as well as Chic-Boy’s grilled pork and chicken together with a hot rice. Yum!

New Friend. I love hanging out with my new friend Lorna. She’s so sweet and kind and we shared some fun stories.

Christmas decors and Christmas Lights. The colors are playing with my eyes.
New Purchases! Oh yeah, I went to shop with these things again. I just got the essentials and I’m loving it.
I have a new hair color in reddish brown, a set of shaver for my legs, Hair Cuticle, Hair Keratin Hot Oil for a smoother locks and my favorite San-san Make-up Kit which includes cute colors of eye shadows, small brush for the little pressed powder and a set of lipstick in different colors such as pink, red, brown and dark red.

Last on but not the list is my phone and tablet. They are both Alcatel and I’m always having them wherever I go.
How about you? Any Holiday favorites?
Tell me something about it.
Merry Christmas


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