Wonderful Things to be thankful!

·       Life. Life
is a gift. We have to cherish it,
enjoy it and celebrate everyday for breathing as a sign of another hope, love
and happiness. 
·       Nature.
Having an amazing creation for us to see is one of the greatest things on earth
to be thankful for. Remember a word like it’s FREE, just enjoy it, Love it and
be part of it.
·       People who Love us.
We just don’t need to be loved by people around us but we also have to love
people whom show us care and respect and we call them Family and Friends.
·       Mistakes.
Wondering why I included this? We have to be thankful that we experience some
mistakes because it’s a proof that we are all still learning for good, to try
our best and be not afraid of being imperfect.
·       Food. Clothing and Our Home. It’s
a need. Having a food on our plate that keeps us having a whole bunch of energy
for the day is a good thing to have. Who never eat? With these three major
needs of people in order to live, we should at least learn to give thanks.
Maybe not all of us got these in a very expensive amount but it doesn’t count.
What we have to think is we don’t need to give a lot of money to get expensive
house, wear expensive clothes or even eat expensive food, we should be thankful
for what we have, what we can get from our works and not to being
·       Time. Time
is the most playful thing that can ruin our life or even make our life happier
than no one ever expected. We are in this world and we all know that everything
can change within a minute, within just a second. So instead of worrying,
thinking too much and making our lives miserable, why not use our time wisely
so we can do our a lot of things like showing our love to people we care, doing
what we really want and reaching our dreams. Remember, time flies so fast and
death is a constant part.
·       Unexpected Surprises.
Happy thoughts. Surprise visit, gifts we never expect and people who come into
our life unexpectedly. It’s a wonderful feeling to have all these rather than
the expected things which give us disappointments. So be thankful!
time to realize your blessings, not your failures, not your heartaches. Be
positive and look in every bright side of Life!
to all of you my dear readers!


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