Thursday Lunch Out

 It’s Thursday again!! Tomorrow is Friday and I am so excited because I’m going out to watch movies with my office mates. Okay, I’ll post about it tomorrow but for the meantime, let me share this Thursday lunch out.
There is a newly opened small yet attractive restaurant near the office where I work and we tried their food today. 
Let me first show you how it looks like.

I really like the fake yellow flowers on top of the counter and behind that is their menu which contain the usual Filipino foods.

The wall is saying “Hi” to me because it’s so lively, bright yellow.
Small chair. I found it so cute.

They also have this plant inside as a little decoration on that little white and cute table.

Here’s the food.
We ordered our favorite sisig  with egg and my friend ordered that grilled pork liempo which is I think really good.

 Tastes good. πŸ™‚

And yeah, picture time πŸ™‚

I’m trying to take pic with all of them but I failed. Lol.
Have a Happy Thursday!
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