Pizza Night

Having a rough week isn’t so good but we need to cope up with it and just look on to the brighter side of everything. I was kinda stressed and I need to give myself a little treat.
Yesterday, I went out with friends and eat out. I’m not into real expensive foods. I eat anything I think is food. (lol)
We went to pizza hut and of course we had pizza.


Fact: I love bell pepper hehe. That pizza was so good and suit for a vegetarian like me. Pizza hut has the best pizza. (I know right) Thick crust or thin crust? You choose.
And a Caesar salad is amazing. (yummy!) Yes. Definitely, I eat vegetables.
After the tiring day, hold on your weapons! 🙂 knife and fork!! Let the eating begin. Lol. (with my office mate Zarah)
Have an amazing Wednesday everyone! I’ll be having a blogger collaboration with a beautiful and young girl from Tarlac City! Guess who? xx
Peace and Love


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