Tarlac City (First Week)

Hello gorgeous people of earth! Here are some photos I took while staying here in Tarlac City. It’s my first week here! Time’s so fast ♥
Here’s a view from the second floor near to our room. The first time when the blue skies are up in there watching me while I catch them at 7:00 in the morning.
No changes. I am fond of getting sky photos for my HeartnoteBook. ♥
Our room with this labels 🙂

Took this photo while exploring the city nights. It’s the Tarlac Capitol.

Night lights on the streets.

Collection of Cheesy Lines from I LOVE MILKTEA.

Cathedral. (Bigger than what we have back home)

And yeah, my first step on here (lol)

Have a nice Friday loves.
(more photos to come. xx)


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