Saddest Travel

First of all, I want to say sorry for not updating. Ther were so many things happened to me last week andtghe biggest of the was my work relocation which includes preparation and packing of my things. Here’s what I did…
Getting a new manicure because I believe it was a great part of this changes. I chose nude and simple color since office work where I am. It gives a good and elegant impression. 
Packed my things though I am really sad to leave… because I’m gonna miss some things and some people I get used to with.

Gonna miss this cute little dog.

Above all, I’m gonna miss my new apartment and those friends. Those blue skies I get to watch when I am on my way to home every afternoon. 
So yeah, I’m gonna miss them all for Three MONTHS!
And, the most important thing is I miss you all my dear readers!!!


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