I Went Out One September Night

Want to know where I was last night? Oh, well my dear readers I went to a certain Resto Bar called Sadik. I don’t know the meaning of that word haha! I went out there with some of my former college mates and I had some fun. We talked about life after college and work. One thing, I just posted this because I want you to see these yummy treats.
Here it goes….
Pork Sisig 🙂 Hot and Spicy.

My favorite siomai! 🙂 I am a sauce person (harhar) Here’s my proof.

These bottles are cute yet they knocked me down haha!

Chicken Fillet.
Lord of the Rings? 🙂
Fried Siomai with calamansi, chili and garlic in soy sauce. Yum yum!
I had fun last night.


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