“Electrolux HUSH Happier at Home”

Hello my dear readers! The days are quickly passing by and tomorrow’s Friday again. I’m just wondering what to do this coming weekend and I really want to give myself a full relaxation at home after this tiring work days.
Well, as I’ve step into brainstorming, I realized how Summer will soon approach us because it’s already the last week of February. As all we know, summer needs a lot of cool things and fun things too! For this weekend, I want to make a mango shake again with my cousins and as an idea, this what we call Power Silent Blender is really cool. Though I’ve read some features of it, I still don’t know what is really like using it. See the photo below.
During weekend, we all have to spend the day with relaxation and fun by simply doing things we can’t do every working days of the week. For me, I just get up late, eat my breakfast as huge as I can (big grin), clean my space with those cleaning tools I have in my place and have fun with some of my friends.

I think, cleaning and would be cool too if we use this kind of tools at home. I want to try this vacuum cleaner too and give myself a good break out of cleaning my room. 

Oh, so we have read the features here but we can see more if we check their website at Electrolux Philippines Official Website and we can follow their Electrolux Philippines Twitter Account.
Check it my lovely readers and be happier than ever at home!


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