Must-Have Essentials for a Boho Chic Style

Even though it’s 2018 and the fashion world is being introduced to some bold and new trends, there are certain styles that never go out of fashion, especially in the summer. One such is the Boho Chic style, which can also be seen at some of the most important music festivals of the year, such as Coachella.


If you happen to be a newbie and never heard of this style – the Boho style emerged in 2013 thanks to different fashion designers such as Alexander McQueen, Derek Lam and Roberto Cavalli. Since then, it was highly promoted and worn – not only on the aforementioned Coachella, but the beaches as well. Moreover, this trend became very prominent among music stars and their videos, such as The Pierces or Pussycat Dolls.


Be as it may, we are looking forward to this summer, so if you want to be a Boho Queen this year, take a look at the most important things to own in your wardrobe.

Fringe that leather

One of the most important and prominent characteristics of the Boho style is layering, so is there a better way to layer your clothes than with a good leather jacket? If you really want to rock this style the best way you can, you should find yourself a nice and light leather jacket (as dark leather is not good for this occasion). Of course, make the whole game a bit more interesting by choosing a fringed jacket – this garment is simply a must.


Even though you won’t be using this one if you chose to rock this style only for the purposes of a summer holiday; if you want to be a Boho Queen all year long, don’t forget to get one for your wardrobe. You’ll see how many great fashion combinations you can make, and how much more interesting each look will be with the fringed leather jacket.

Swimming in flowers

As already mentioned, and as you already probably know, the Boho style is mostly visible during summertime – it’s either that or all the Bohemians go out only when it’s time for the beach. Regardless, some of the key essentials each Boho lover needs to have is trendy and fashionable designer swimwear that will just glow in this Boho atmosphere. If you happen to choose a floral swimsuit – that’s great, as most of the swimsuits of this style have that flower pattern.


However, if you don’t own one and it’s difficult for you to find one that you will like, don’t pout. You can always use a simple, monochromatic swimsuit that you will Boho-up using different Boho accessories, kaftans or woven bags (all excellent for the purpose of being Boho).

Is it all about the pattern?

Even though many people believe that everything with a peculiar pattern belongs to the Boho style – that’s far from the truth. One of the most important aspects of this style is its use of natural materials (such as cotton, linen, suede or leather) that are made in earthly colors. That is why, for example, a pair of brown or dark green suede pants is an excellent thing to have in your wardrobe. Moreover, lace is huge in the Boho universe, so if you really want to excel in this style, you simply need to have at least one white lace blouse. In the same way, everything that incorporates fringes or tassels and is in a pastel, earthy color can be considered Boho.


Finally, no – not everything is in the pattern, even though it does play a big role. Floral embroidery is, for example, the most popular; but prints and patterns are also very prominent. Just think floral gypsy and tribal, and wear anything that you associate with it.

The details that make or break

Finally, not even one Boho outfit could be complete without accessories. The best option to have is a good statement headband – it makes every Boho outfit and it’s good because it holds your hair up (which is, as you know, crucial in the summertime). Moreover, the jewelry also plays a huge part in this – choose the chunkiest rings that you own, but make sure that you choose from the gold, rose gold, silver and copper tones. Bear in mind that this style is all about the details, so you really have to pay attention to the pieces you’re choosing. If you’re not comfortable with big statement jewelry, that’s okay as you can use long necklaces with pendants or feathers.


If you want to be fashionable but still go back in time when everything was, oh, so simpler (according to our parents and grandparents), then the Boho style is definitely for you. Bring your femininity on board and make it more interesting and sensual by choosing these garments, and let the summer of 2018 be your time to Bohoshine (hey, it rhymes!)


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