Zaful: Hello Pineapples!

Hey loves, it’s September already and I just want to tell you that I am so thankful with all the blessings that I have. So last week, I just received something from Zaful and can you remember my wishlist that I wrote in the past? Well, I am so lucky that they made my wishlist come true for the second time! I got some clothes from them but for now, let’s talk about the most-loved fruit in the whole wide fashion world.
So okay, first things
first I choose to have this Pineapple
Print Halter Crop Top and Shorts Suit
 because I was curious about
those those fashion bloggers posting everything with pineapples. Now that I already own pineapple printed clothes I couldn’t be happier because I can finally say that I belong to the pineapple fashion craze.

Here’s what it looks like and sorry I haven’t had the chance to take more photos because my amateur photographer don’t even know to take one proper photo. Haha! Kidding. I still have so many items from them and I am scheduling a photo shoot with my friend this weekend. Halter tops are the thing now and I like that I have one more to add with my halter tops collection. This top has no pads and if you want to wear it, you should be wearing a bra or just wear something that will make you feel comfortable with your “woo-hooo” peeking on your chest.

The shorts feels so comfortable and it looks so chic with the details on its hemline. I will be wearing this on the beach on my next travel adventure and for sure, the high quality photos will be captured.

The texture of its fabric is fine and I can’t say anything about it. I am just too happy with this pair of clothes. Again,if you want to get this Pineapple Print Halter Crop Top and Shorts, you can check the website of Zaful.
Follow their social media accounts and stay updated!
See you on my next post! Have a nice day. 🙂


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